Together we create freedom and drive in electronic music in the company of like-minded people
  • Valeriya Ermilova

    Techno - Hardcore, Ritual, Dark, Ethnic

    Trance, PsyTrance

    Glitch, experimental

    Chillout, Psychill

    Greetings to all aspiring DJs! I'm excited to share the lessons I've gained from my experience performing in club environments. Apart from DJing, I compose music and experiment with analog synths. Don't hesitate to bring your creative ideas and we will find the most effective way of aligning your first DJ performances with your inner sense of sonic vibes.

  • Yaroslav / Whitetrip

    Genres: UK Garage

    More than 5 years in electronic music. I teach modern trends in the genres of uk garage, tech house, bass house.

    In Prague I play Stalin, resident of Valhalla fighting, former resident of Nelikvid Party.

    I’ve been in the industry for more than 4 years, I play any CDJ, DDJ, I’m mastering vinyl.

  • Victoria Shveikina

    Genres: Techno, industrial, trance, acid, hard electro, lofi house

    I have been teaching for 2 years now, and I am also studying music education at the university. I host radio programs and do sound design for advertising and cinema, as well as my own track production.

    In Prague I play at Altenburg, Radio Punctum, Swim club, Infame radio, Famu club

    I teach in - eng, cz, rus

  • Neda Nikolich

    Genres: Techno, house, tech-house.

    My friendly approach and excellent DJing skills help students learn quickly.

    In Prague I play Altenburg, Prague Pride, Roxy

    I teach in - eng, srb

  • Milica

    Genres: Techno, Tech-house, Dance/Electronic

    Besides the fact that I've been a devoted clubber for many years, I started DJing and creating various club entertainments just about a year ago.

    Together with my friends and colleagues, we established Avandark, a club brand that took off in less than 6 months. This gave me the confidence and courage to transition from merely listening to the technicalities and song selections of other DJs to actually starting to play myself.

    Apart from learning the basics of DJing, I believe that every DJ should first learn how to select songs well. At the same time, I'm willing to share my knowledge and experience on what it took to create a club collective.

    I teach in - eng, srb

  • Jonathan Ackah

    Genres: Drum and Bass, Jungle, Techno, Breakbeat, Experimental

    Hi, I’m Jonathan Ackah, known by the artistic pseudonym AK4.2.

    I’m an experienced DJ and musician with a passion for a wide variety of music genres. With extensive experience in drumming, music production and DJing, I’ve crafted a distinct sound and rythmic energy that makes easy to follow.

    I perform as a DJ as well as a drummer, not just in Prague, but also around the Czech Republic. I’ve collaborated with music enthusiasts worldwide, so I gained a deep understanding of music and culture behind it. My DJ mixes are full of energy, creativity, and unexpected sonic experiments.

    As a DJ instructor, I value sharing his knowledge and passion with aspiring DJs. My teaching approach is based on individualized guidance, fostering creativity, and nurturing the unique musical visions of students. My goal is to help talented artists find their musical voice and unlock their potential in DJing.

    I would become your guide to the world of Drum and Bass, Jungle, Techno, Breakbeat, and Experimental music. Together, we’ll explore the musical possibilities that will help you express your own musical creativity.

    I teach in - eng, cz

  • Diva

    Genres: techno, trance, tribal, breaks and mind-bending EDM

    Hey, creative souls, I'm a passionate Belarusian DJ specializing in techno, trance, tribal, breaks and mind-bending EDM. I've been rocking the decks at various venues around the globe and recently felt like I wanna share the knowledge with you. Some of my students are already performing at big parties.

    As a teacher at our DJ school, I'm dedicated to helping you discover your unique musical spark. I believe in music as a transformative tool and look forward to guiding you on your sonic journey. With my experience and open-hearted approach, you'll not only learn the technical aspects of DJing but also uncover the deeper connection between music and the soul.

    I teach in - eng, cz, ru

  • Aliia Budailova

    Genres: Uk garage, basshouse, drumnbass

    Hello newcomer in the world of DJing!

    I want to share my experience with you and teach you the art of DJing. Together we'll create an exciting musical journey that will help you grow as a DJ.

    Ready to get started?

    I teach in - eng, ru

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